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Monday, February 03, 2003  

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Yep, friends, although I have enough yarn for 6 sweaters, and enough wool to spin for 3 more - Although I was able to resist the trunk show of Mountain Colors (hand dyed angora to dye for) at The Knitting Basket and the Classic Elite Lush at The Knitters Cottage, I succumbed to a temptation beyond human resistance yesterday and bought this!

What is it? It's Copenhagen, by Lana Gatto. And it is a nylon mycrospun yarn that beats out every other fiber I've yet touched, for softness and loft. Nylon! From the wool lady. Just had to have it - 1 skein for $11.00, knitting up around 2.5 stitches to the inch. I'm making a detachable cowl collar to pop over other sweaters. Cast on 60 stitches on a circular needle, join and knit till it's long enough to look like a collar. I'm thinking maybe 10 inches long. Probably going to flare it out every 10 stitches over the last 2 inches or so, so that it will lie flat around my chest and shoulders.

And then there were the sale bins. I'll think about that tomorrow - at Tara.

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