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Monday, February 24, 2003  

Bess looks on like a proud mama while her student blasts off.

So - what is the next best thing to knitting a perfect sweater for yourself? How about when your student calls you up crying "It fits! It fits! It Fits!". And I've seen it too. It's gorgeous. This woman is a knitting fool - with a color sense that won't quit, a sense of drama hidden in a cool head and passion to spare. I promise photos. I swear. Just can't give you a date yet.

My lace scarf is done and I began swatching with the Brown Sheep HandPaint I bought from when she was offering 10% discount to Knitters Review folk. That 10% grew into 30% so I bought way more than I intended to. It's 70% mohair and it is so much fun to knit with. I intended to do stranded colorwork with it but the more I swatch the more it whispers "texxxxxxxxxxxxture texxxxxxxxxxxxxture" to me. It looks a lot like Classic Elite's Lush and I'm thinking of that cabled cuff sweater pattern that is featured in Knitpicks catalog.

OH!! and I solved a sloppy rib problem I've had forever. My purl stitches are just so loose and the knit stitches in the rib look bad too - well, my ribbing just looks althewayround sloppy. So while swatching I decided to do all the knit stitches twsted, knit through the back loop. What an improvement. Tried twisting the purls snugged up against the sample cable and liked that a heap better too.

Well, knit and learn, hm?

posted by Bess | 5:23 PM