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Wednesday, January 29, 2003  

Been working on the numbers for Sigvaldi. I love this kind of math but, alas, I'm still that careless girl who was always in a hurry and made stupid math mistakes. Here's what my workbook looks like:

So what is going on?

First the sweater gauge is 3.5 st. to the inch.
My yarn knits at 4 st. to the inch

Okay, not enough of a difference to make the pattern look awful. I'll just have a few more zigzags than the photo.

Now I want the sweater to be 46 " around. Big but I envision wearing it more like a coat than a sweater. So more math:

46” x 4 = 184

How nice. The pattern is an 8-stitch pattern, which goes neatly into 184 stitches.


If I just slice down the sweater to make the cardigan, one side of the front band will end at the top of a zig, while the other side will begin on the second stitch down the zag side.

So I have to add 1 more stitch on the top of the zag so that each pattern ends on the top most stitch of the design.

Okay that means 184 + 1 extra stitch

I want to knit this sweater in the round. (Did I say that earlier? Nope? Well, shame on me) Now I know I can just cut down the center of a pullover and make a cardigan but after much thought I’ve decided to knit 5 steek stitches in the center front for cutting.

So – final math (in stage 1) is this:

184 +1 + 5 = 190 stitches in the body of the sweater, always remembering that 5 of those stitches are steek stitches and don’t go into any future calculations. (Lord I hope I always remember)

Now I want to put in 1.5 inches of k2p2 rib on 10%, or 19, fewer stitches but see? Already I’ve forgotten not to use those darn steek stitches in my calculations. Let’s go back and do it right.

10% of 185 is, GASP , 18.5 stitches. I can’t knit a half a stitch. And if you remember rudimentary estimating, I’m supposed to round up at .5 so I’ll take away 19 stitches. WHEW that one worked out the same.

Okay, then here I am with 185 + 5 – 19 = 171 stitches to cast on.

It only took me 3 tries in the workbook.

One final bit of idiocy: I cast on, knit the 5 steek stitches, did my lovely rib for 9 rounds and what do you know! When I came to do the increases, I ended up with 183 stitches in the body. I’d cast on only 169 instead of 171 stitches. Corrected that by ripping back a few inches and sneaking in 2 extra increases.

I’ll complain about how hard it is to figure how to increase 19 stitches evenly across
body of work tomorrow!

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