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Thursday, September 03, 2009  

You would not believe the hoops Blogger is making me jump through to get in here. Grumble grumble grumble. Still and all I did want to post a word or two about my shawl and it's as yet unknit border.

You may remember that the first border wouldn't play nicely with my brain and after a while I decided, in spite of sounding like sour grapes, that it wasn't the right border for this shawl. Too heavy. Too many knit stitches, not enough yarn overs. I then found a combination of lacy borders that together looked to make a pretty outer rim for this shawl but requiring Lots More Stitches - 64 instead of 51. I charted it out on a spread sheet and it took 1 and a half pieces of legal paper. Long! Someone wisely advised me to knit a sample border to get to know it but I didn't take her sage advice. Instead I just started knitting it and even though there were many more stitches, I made far fewer mistakes. I knit the first 11 rows, attaching it to my beauteous cashmere circle and realized the thing was way too long. Way WAY too long. 15 inches - when I really only want 10.

My cobbled together border consisted of 3 repeats of an 18 stitch diamond, hemmed on one side with two extra garter stitches for joining and a 7-10 stitch pointed border on the outside. I prefer odd numbered repeats to even numbered - the balance feels better to me when there is a fulcrum. But in this case, that extra diamond added far too much length. And so. I am once again starting over with the border. It is now 45-48 stitches and that is where I hope to settle for the next month as I knit all 25920 stitches!


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