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Monday, September 14, 2009  

Something pretty to start the week

This is intended to counteract the dreadful effects of the planets laid out for this week. Doom and Disaster and Oppositions of Saturn and Uranus and enormous catastrophe are all promised this week by all the astrologers. I make a point of only reading the ones who manage to wring a positive note out of these gloomy words, like MsHoroscope in Australia (who is always half a day ahead of me anyway).

This week holds a powerful link between Saturn and Uranus which is going to hit you square in two very sensitive parts of your chart. And believe it or not, even if that doesn't sound like something to look forwards to, it actually is! Big time, in fact. Why? Because (as I've written elsewhere so forgive me if I'm repeating myself) it's Push Comes To Shove Week all over the world and in your world, all this goes double. If you have the feeling you're stuck in a rut, it's time to break out. You've put in the hard yards.

Now isn't that nice? The only rut I've been in has been the ill health rut and last Friday the charming and capable, but infant doctor who is now our family physician (can you believe it? his name is Ryan?!? I mean - Ryan is the name we grownups gave our children! I never knew a single Ryan born in the 1950's!!) gave me a combination of meds that seem to have broken me out of the juicy chest rut and for that alone I am rejoicing. If Other Things are going to happen this week - at least I can breath during the day and sleep at night. I am content.

Other Things might include sudden changes in plans for BD who's eyes began bleeding again on Saturday night. They might involve my dad who is crankily imprisoned in a (very grim and crowded) rehab center, complaining to my sister every day (with some justification) without lifting even an eyelash to mitigate it's grim, crowded gloominess. He is not confined to his bed but he stays there all day ... 40 square feet of bleakness - no wonder he is cranky and depressed. They might involve two personalities that are clashing on a board I sit on too. This Virgo so hates conflict she suffers even when she has to witness it between others.

Interestingly enough, Other Things do not include the current round of budget cuts from the State. Although they hit my library the same as they hit others, they have been expected for so long it's a relief they finally got here. At 5% we got off as lightly as possible and since we've never used state money for staff, we will feel it less than many.

Other Things also do not involve our failure to find a new car last week. New to us, of course. We are used to the ordinary used care market where only people with no self esteem attached to the year or make or even color, so long as it's got low mileage, of their cars. The Blue Book guides Himself on his quest and usually he comes home in a day or at most in 2, with something I can drive for another 10 years. Naively, we decided the Haile Family needed a second car, so while the little white Nissan is still running (276,000 miles and heading for 3K) TheQueen sent her consort out shopping.

Nada. Not only is there very little out there, what is is priced firmly at retail and nobody is willing to come down. We have scaled back our expectations, but that threw us out into the private market which, while it may have something we're willing to lay down cash for, requires a lot more phone calls and driving around. Ah well. That is why god gave me a husband. So I can let him take care of this.

And Other Things are not going to interfere with Birthday Celebrations. At the moment plans include dinner with family at a new restaurant and a visit with old friends and some time off next week. But.

But if Other Things intrude, if they send us all in different directions, if all plans gang aft agley, we will find a way to have fun with whatever is left. After all. This is Birthday Month. That alone is a happiness to cherish.

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