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Happy New Year, Bess Dear! I rather like your housecleaning approach, and think I will try to incorporate it in the coming year. Also, your comment about 'autopilot' is so very timely, as I have climbed back on the WW wagon and need/want to lose another 17 lb...Then there's your List of 36, which also bears trying. You've had a busy and challenging 2007. May 2008 bring you every good thing, many blessings!


By Anonymous Marg in Calgary, at 9:24 AM  

Yes! Will try the Creativity game! Will foist it on my daughter!
Will come back and report to you!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:56 AM  

I love your creativity list and I love your GAAA swatch. I also love that I'm aware of everything on your list of 2007 accomplishments -- I can't believe a year has passed since I read your last year's "knitter's almanac" post -- seems like that was last month, not last year! Man, I'm getting old -- time is flying at warp speed these days. Which is probably why I haven't blogged any goals for '08 -- I'm still trying to catch up with 2007!

By Blogger Mary, at 11:50 AM  

Happy New Year, Bess. May it be very kind to, and very happy for, you.

By Blogger zippiknits, at 3:13 AM  

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Tuesday, January 01, 2008  


Usual looooong January 1 post

2007 was a cram packed year, full of changes, resettlements, losses, gains, joys and, of course, fiber. A short list of the big events for 2007 would include:

Resettling my parents into safe situations

Spending loving time with my sister while I did the above

Finishing the KipFee

Designing and writing (the hard part) some sock patterns

Getting to be ImportantWifeofFamousHistorian (go watch the National Geographic's DVD Nightmare in Jamestown – FH is one of the talking heads – the one with the great voice) at several functions

Driving on 295 north of D.C. All by myself!

Making those two horribly cramped rooms, office and den, into one grand space

Hosting Antiques Roadshow Fundraiser at the library ... too much fun!

Bidding LD bon voyage as he headed out in a new career direction

Visiting LD in Indiana

Having the warmest happiest snuggliest Christmas ever

In late 2006 I stumbled upon Law of Attraction books by many authors and have spent a good deal of 2007 trying to expand that positive approach to life into every day. It was always a big part of the things I already did easily and well, but I wanted to incorporate it into the areas of life that were either difficult or mundane, since I'd rather not have difficulties and going into auto-pilot with the mundane things makes me loose track of what I'm doing. Think here: overeating. Since the mundane, the routine, the auto-pilot makes up an awful lot of my life, I'd rather not loose those hours to oblivion. Instead, I try to be present all of the time. Of course I'm not, but any improvement is progress. This was the year I came to truly value housework – not just the way I feel after having done it but also the doing of it. Now, when I vacuum or dust I really give attention to what I'm cleaning – love it, examine it, decide I no longer need it – I'm present and somehow, it's so much easier to do.

One of the games I also played with myself was to make a list of 101 things I want. I never got to 101, though I'd tinker with the list from time to time, but I had about 70 items on the list. Yesterday I went over the list again and saw I'd actually gotten or accomplished 11 of them! That's 15%. I think that's fantastic! Especially when some of those items – turn the office and den into one great room – were things I just sort of gave lip service to – never really thought hard about or planned for. I just ... I just asked for them.

Another thing on that list was for 12 place settings of sterling silver flatware. As if I hold elegant dinner parties for 12 all the time. HA! But I really like silver flatware and I had a few place settings but not enough for 12 guests. Guess what turned up in my parents' house when we were emptying it – but the remnant of my grandmother's flatware. Put together with what I already owned, I can set a table for 12 without having to piece it with stainless steel.

Funny how this sort of thing turns out, isn't it?

I will be writing another list of 101 things I want. I'll just float them off into the universe and see what turns up in the coming year. I'm feeling very random this year, very laid back about things. But TheQueen, a.k.a. Little Miss List Maker, couldn't let the first day of a brand new year go by without some sort of guidance system for the coming year. So I have come up with another game I'm going to play – I call it the Creativity Game.

The idea is that all too often there are things I'd like to do – or have done – but I just forget about doing them. I'd like to share with you all how I plan to not let so many fun things get lost in time:

Creativity Game.

Make a list of 36 creative things to do. In my case, I've listed things I'd like to do, I think of doing, I might do, but often don't do. Things like – buy a coloring book and new crayons and color it. Things like swatching a stitch just because.

If it is something I can do in a week it got a single *

If it would take 2 weeks it got a double **

Print this list on colorful paper

Cut each Creative Thing To Do into a strip

Put the strips in a pretty jar or box

Each week pull out a strip and do it.

I plan to pull out my strips on Thursdays so that if there is any shopping I need to do to first I'll have Friday to shop and can start my creativity project at the beginning of the weekend.

I've posted my list of 36 things here – just in case you want some inspiration.

So. Happy New Year to all my blog friends.

Oh – and here's a little gratuitous knitting photography.
GAAA Progress

posted by Bess | 8:30 AM