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Thursday, November 01, 2007  

Thanks, Cathy. I'm much better now. Since it was food related, not germ related, I went on in to work, did my dooty, and came home at lunch time to sleep it off. I was fine by evening and am off to work today feeling chipper. My two favorite medicines in all the world are water and sleep. Water to drink and water to bathe in – and sleep as medicinal, recreational and creative activity.

It's back to work for me today – with some serious catching up to do. I suddenly realized I have a couple of Big Deals looming. I will try to be a good girl today and not get sucked into chattery conversations with patrons or staff. I want to have that sense of productivity – or at least movement – at the end of today because I have the happiest pleasurable weekend coming up and it starts on Friday morning!

After an interview with the local radio station about our Antiques Extravaganza Weekend fund raiser for the library at Crack0DawnAM there is the Friday manicure in one of my favorite girly spots and then I am going to zip down to Gloucester, VA to have lunch here, with C and her husband ... come up from Georgia to buy miniature llamas!!! I couldn't bear the thought of her being so close and not getting together and besides, I am agog to ask about the miniature llama ranch.

I'll be back at work in the afternoon – which is always long on Fridays because it's the one day a week I have to stay till 6 o'clock – and then I have Friday night and Saturday morning to hustle around getting the house ready for COMPANY!! R, my oldest friend, and her daughter J are coming to spend the night. Girl stuff is going to happen. Spinning wheels are going to be brought out. Patsy Z videos will be watched, and maybe Deb Menz too. Knitting will be done, walks will be taken, giggles will be giggled. I feel like a 10 year old having a sleepover.

Looks like my sidebar is growing more interesting than the content half. One of these days I may even upgrade to a newer template, but for the time being I'll stick with what I know – which is not html coding, mind you, but cutting and pasting. The November Goals is way way shorter than my real list of goals, which, in true Virgo fashion, fills a whole page and covers every aspect of my life. I'll keep that ambitious TTD list and use it as inspiration, but I thought I'd best post only the essential goals ... the ones I'm most likely to achieve.

Lawsee – I sure am chatty today – but I don't want to say goodbye without offering this little tidbit to my Virgo sisters. Direct to you from Mr.Horoscope:

...Venus is in your sign. Not only are you manifesting impressive powers of attraction, you are also coming into closer contact with your truest talent. We all have tasks we can carry out to a high standard or even complete with aplomb. Still, though, there are other facilities that we are each born blessed with. A technical term for these is 'a gift'. Yours is about to do you an enormous favour. Be ready for your chances and your challenges!

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