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Hello Bess,
Just dropping in to say hello. I hope the kids got to their destinations safely, have you heard anything from them? Miss you terribly.


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Wednesday, October 03, 2007  

Well – it's obvious that I am going to need several clones if I am to keep up with all the on-line playgrounds out there. I've been fiddling around with Ravelry and that requires also fiddling around with flicker which means fiddling around with my photos. And of course I like to read Knitters Review Forums now that I'm not waiting 10 minutes for it to open up. And then there is TheBlog, which is the most important place of all for TheQueen. What is obvious is that here at LikeTheQueen is where I'll devote my time and everything else will bet polite attention because, alas, I can't clone myself, I haven't any ego-bots to satisfy all my curiosity about what else is out there, and somewhere in my life I really ought to do some knitting and not just think about knitting and talk about knitting and write about knitting.

I am still working on my Holiday Charmer socks – That's what I am calling them because, though they'll be Halloween socks this time 'round, a few simple changes and they could be Easter socks or Christmas socks or Mother's Day socks. I'm designing them for this particular yarn which is a Spirit Trail Fiberworks yarn that started out as Louet Gems undyed 100% merino. That base yarn that the color artists begin with has a powerful impact on both stitches used and needle size. The stitch I'm using for the cuff (which will fold over and cover the leg of the sock) really pulled in tight and knit up best on a #3 Addi. But the leg – which is a simple k2p2 – is looking awfully loose. I'm going to have to step down to an Addi#2 and writing a pattern that tells people to have 2 sets of sock needles is always something that gives me pause.

On the one hand, most sock knitters have plenty of needles of all small sizes. On the other hand, if you're an Addi 2 circ sock knitter – that's $50 worth of needles just to knit a pair of socks. Back on the one hand, you can always knit them with Different Needles: dp's or KnitPicks cheaper needles. Back on the other hand, if you're fairly new to knitting socks, you might have to buy yourself another pair/set/single needle. But then, back on that one hand – if you don't have a good selection of needles of all shapes and sizes – well, there you have it. It's time to start your collection.

Anyway, I see no way about it. I'm neither a tight knitter nor a loose one. I almost always hit gauge when I follow someone else's directions. This sock, knit in this stitch, coupled with this yarn is going to require needles in 2 different sizes.

Gratuitous pet photo. Socks Thinks, therefor she is.

Durn. It's 8 o'clock already. Gotta go! Ta!

posted by Bess | 7:41 AM