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Friday, October 12, 2007  

Off to Baltimore and StitchesEast

I managed to squeeze 5 days worth of work into 3 this week and walked out of the office yesterday at 5:30 with the lightest heart. This was publicity kick-off week for our Antiques Extravaganza weekend and the posters, tickets, and bookmarks are all distributed – or will be by this afternoon. Board minutes and Director's reports for next Tuesday's meeting were written, copied and sent. Groceries were bought. Kitchen was cleaned. Clothes were packed. Supplies for class assembled. Some sleep was slept.

B will be here in 2 hours – at which time I have to call the radio station and set up the interview for November 2. I'd forgotten that. But that is the last tee tiny little bit of work I have to do and then it's 3 days of Fiber and Friends at my first Stitches East.

I am so glad I'm attending, for the first time, now. I've wanted to go for years – ever since I first read about it in Knitters Magazine. Back then (oh long 6 years ago) there were only 2 LYS within 100 miles and the thought of going to a Big Convention full of Shops and Classes and Fashion and Celebrities set my heart a'quiver. I daydreamed. I plotted. I tried to imagine saving up the many many $,$$$ I'd need to attend such an event, because, I figured, if I was going to step that far outside my familiar world, I wanted to do it all! 15 hours of classes, both banquets, travel costs – probably a plane ticket, since at the time it was in Philadelphia and, of course, I don't do 95 above Fredericksburg and I didn't know any knitters who would spend that kind of money to sit in a hotel room and knit.

Now, 6 LYS's within 50 miles, several retreats, a couple of years at MS&W, Virgina's own FFF, and a class or two with Famous Teachers later, I'm approaching my first Stitches with a much more laid back attitude. Mind, now, I'm still excited. I'm thrilled, actually, and ready to expand as a knitter. But I don't feel like I have to have it all, do it all, see it all, be it all. I know that under such high energy circumstances, ONE class is all the information my stimulated brain can hold. If I tried to take 15 hours of classes I'd forget everything I learned in one class while I sat in the next. I have an enormous stash that I could shop in anytime I have a free hour or two. I have enough needles, bags, baskets, fiber, books, patterns and yarn to keep me happy for – well, for 10 years at least.

Don't you doubt it. I plan to have some fun; to learn, to spend some money, and to be inspired. But I don't have to do it all. Some of what I'm going to do this weekend is visit with a good friend who has been as busy this past year as I. I intend to focus on the one nice long class I'm taking – a design inspiration class – and if I come up with an Inspired Design, as I've said already this week, I may shop for it. Or I may just window shop.

I'm going to forget about the world I'm leaving behind and assume the world I'm jumping into was all built all for my pleasure. I'll be back on Sunday and will try to pop in early Monday morning with a report.

Happy Weekend to you all.

posted by Bess | 6:26 AM