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Oh, poo -- I can't see the after pictures, for some reason. I will take your word for it!

I do really like your green trim -- feels so "country", in a good way, like a centuries-old rock-solid home in New England (or Virginia!) or something.

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Monday, September 03, 2007  

Thank you Amie – I've already been celebrating for 2 days now – complete with super wonderful crisp autumnal weather. Yea for September!! And thank you too, Miss Mary – for the compliments. Here is a photo of them with the rest of their flock after they've all gone home. They like to be up high where they can keep an eye on me. They also approve of the Clean Kitchen.

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I've read some of Fly Lady's website – back when she was first being discussed on the KRForums. It is all information I knew – as I said – it's not a matter of being smart – but of using the smartness I have. So much depends on what I want at any given point in my life – and any balance there can be between two conflicting desires; i. e. The confidence of being Company Ready VS that delicious feeling of Deep Clean. I pretty much hover somewhere in the middle.

Years ago my dear cousin Mary and darling Teddie Acree came to see Cudin' Edwud's New House – and his new house was an absolute pit of grime, filth and clutter and those angel women never saw a speck of it, but instead admired the beautiful woodwork around the windows and the massive front door and the gentle slope of the staircase. But I swore – in true Scarlett O'Hara fashion – that I would never be humiliated by a dirty house again – as God was my witness. And I never have. It's always at least okay.

When $ permitted, I used to have the Mb+$Sheryl come clean my house every other week, but for the past year I've wanted that $ for other things so I swapped time for $. But I also wanted to get back in touch with what is mine – and nothing does that better than cleaning it. And as I type this, I realize there are some deeper issues being addressed here – the type you don't have to talk about, but you go on better if you admit them to yourself.

Anyway – here are a few B&A photos, posted not because they are interesting but because I can post them from home. Bwa Ha Haaaaaaa. High speed hath created a monster! All future posts will be cumbered with non sequeteur photos sprinkled about with inanities.

Company dishes Before:

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And after:

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Yes. That is a basket of seashells. Most of them get stuffed with deviled crab meat when I have dinner guests – which hasn't been since before - lawsee since summer of '04! Well. Now I know where they are, I ought to have a dinner party.

And this is the pantry cupboard – before

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And after – and you are to note that in True Virgo-ness – they are categorized and arranged in alphabetical order. (insert smug smiley face here)

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Other treasures discovered were:

7 flashlights on top of the refrigerator
14 bottles of glue ( I swear it!)
1 electric coffee grinder
8 glorious green champagne glasses with the paint on their feet from being put back in the cabinet while the paint was still wet. In 1960 or so, when my SIL got married, they were pried off the shelves and brought out for celebrating, but nobody ever tried to take the paint off and now it's sort of part of the family lore.

It's Monday now and I didn't actually finish the task. There are 2 more cabinets - two that aren't really so bad - and a horrible refrigerator - and I may get to them today - or I may not. As a Real ENFP - I don't like to complete tasks. Closure is just too sad for me. It will depend on just how much those 2 cabinets complain about being left out of this beautification project.

Knitting blog? Knitting blog? Goodness! How much more do you want from me?

Okay - kidding aside - here is my last photo - of the pretty little Wedgwood Breakfast set called Trentham - but not looking anything like the Wedgwood Trentham pattern I can find on-line. And I post it here because it completely inspired me to knit a cream colored sweater with deep ribbing on cuffs and body and a basket weave design above the ribbing done in stranded colorwork with perhaps an embroidered or intarsia medallion of that basket of flowers in the middle.

And so - may all your Labors be fruitful on this Labor Day Monday. And good knitting to you all.

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