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Wednesday, November 01, 2006  

No photos today. It’s dark when I come home now and I only knit one round on my KipFee sleeve. At least, I kept only one round I knit.

I’ve had very few screw ups and big errors on this sweater, but I have had to do a bit of ripping now and then and a good deal of tinking. I can’t say for sure that I screwed up the pattern - but it seemed like I had and the more I looked the more it seemed so and I just decided it was easier to pull out the needles, rip back 2 rows and start again. After a suitable break, that is. There are some days when it is a mistake to knit at all.

That was a lesson my mother taught me when I was a young seamstress. After 3 mistakes, put it down and walk away. That rule sounded so right when I heard it, and proved to be so true, that it’s second nature to me now. Just stop. Come back. It will work when your energy flow is better. It’s true with fiddly things you do with your hands but it’s also true with finding lost things. If I can’t find something after what feels like three tries - I just stop looking for it. Sooner or later it crops up. Sometimes I have to stop looking for it three times, of course, like that Dale of Norway book I want to find so badly and know is in the house and do not want to spend $20 on replacing.

Fortunately, if I do have to replace it, and then find it again, I know someone who wants it too.

Ms. Horoscope offers up these important dates for November:

November 2 - turnarounds re love possible ...
November 7 - smell a rat? Run a mile! ...
November 9 - high energy ...
November 11 - watch your temper ...
November 15 - lovely mushy moments possible ...
November 18 - Mercury goes direct and communications become less crazy ...
November 24 - Jupiter into Sagittarius ? where did you just get luckier? Find out in your forecast ...
November 28 - kiss and make up

Hmmm. Lots of energy for that first day of the KRRetreat.

She also says this all my Virgo Sisters (and Brothers)

Whatever dramas you’re facing, try this; think positively and talk to others while expecting a positive outcome. Make a note in your diary about how well doing this works. You’re at the end of an important cycle. You need to make sure you’ve learned about the benefits of expecting the best.

... which is so on the money for me it’s almost scary. Except that it’s good and funny and happy so it’s not scary but it certainly is coincidental.

Hope your November begins with joy and pleasure and ends with tons-0-knitting.

posted by Bess | 7:30 AM