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I love how you digress -- always so interesting. And I'm loving how the sweater sleeve is turning out. I agree with you that the new cuff design is quite nice. And I can't decide which band of color is my favorite -- they're all fantastic.

As a former Catholic schoolgirl myself, I can relate to much of what you discussed, and to the continuous spiritual journey we're all on. I keep it out of my blog, for the most part, because of the old politics/religion taboo, but I love reading about it in other peoples' blogs. :-) One of these days I'll just dive right in and offend half of my four readers! ;-)

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Saturday, November 04, 2006  

Here’s Sleeve #2, resting at it’s stopping place. I’ve knit the first cuff and sleeve up through the first of the green and orange patterns but you won’t get to see that till tomorrow. I plan to concentrate on this sleeve today. I’m torn between challenging myself to see if I can complete it before I leave for the KRRetreat and just letting my knitting flow from the soul and be glad for whatever I’ve knitted.

Oh! Well - talk about getting the message. I just read A’s blog post about trying to complete something by the time she leaves for the retreat .... What a good message for me. And isn’t that sweater she’s knitting the most amazingly beautiful thing?

I was present last year when Clara brought up the New Beginnings challenge/idea, and I even started a new beginnings project, but I was really very sick and a little crazy last year. I had had a couple of serious blows, both physical and spiritual, so my emotional compass was gyrating all over the map. Nothing I thought about or planned or contemplated last fall was worth remembering and most of it is gone. I’m not even sure I want to start a new beginnings project this year either, since I’m deep in the throes of my KipFee. There is a stash sweater I’d like make this year and I may take it along as my “project”, but if I were going to make a vow or a promise or a commitment to something Important In My Knitting Future - I’d rather it be a Dale of Norway sweater. But I’m still in the Vow Year and can’t purchase anything new right now. Perhaps I will just knit away on my Christmas Present socks and muse about which DoN sweater I’ll knit (first). :D

I love the process of thinking about “what next” and “From here on I want ...” and oh, all those New Year’s Resolutioney things. I’m deeply drawn to it because it’s so easy to get on auto-pilot with my life. To react instead of create, to respond instead of to choose. If I'm going to live, I ought to give my life serious attention, not brush it off as if it were a burden. The purpose driven life. The contemplated life. The chosen life.

I think, perhaps, I’m a little selfish, too, but certainly I’ve been on a treasure hunting expedition with my soul ever since I was 7. That was the year I went, alone, mind you, through the first communion classes and ceremony. Our family was Catholic in name only - there was zero religious instruction and we did not go to church and the only reason I was in those classes was because my grandmother knew my other 2 cousins, who were the same age as I, were in classes and she wanted to know when my First Communion was going to take place. Those were the days when public schools began each day with either a prayer or devotional readings from the bible. As far as I knew, we didn’t even have a bible in the house and religion was just something Not Discussed.

Mama is basically a druid and it was Dad who had the Catholic school past. In my very early youth we still went to church - which was fun for me because I got to put on pretty dresses and hats and carry a purse, but the only thing I remember from church was that a man, so far away I could hardly see him, cried out “Dominoes for Breakfast” and since we hadn’t eaten breakfast yet I wondered why he thought we sould eat little wooden blocks for breakfast. Somewhere before I was 6 there was a Jane Eyre Orphanage incident with the catholic school my sister attended and the iron door slammed shut on religion in my household.

Not having anything to do with something so important to everyone else in my world was a little scary. And of course, once I heard enough bible stories to know that there was this guy who was Bigger Than Dad who could PUNISH me for not praying to the right statues, well. Bit of a worrisome thing, and that’s for sure. So I had no complaints about going to CCD classes (or whatever they were called) because as far as I could tell, they were Sunday School - and for a while I was just like everybody else.

Once I went through the wedding veil ceremony there was no more churchey stuff in my life till I was 14 - but that is another story. The point of all this background is to say that I believe it is because I had just been exposed to someone’s (the Catholic Church of 1959) explanation about why we are here at all. It was a novel subject that appealed to me and since there was no continuing indoctrination, I just spent my time thinking about it myself. Alas for any religion that crossed my path afterwards. I’d had years of thinking about it for myself and no institution would ever have that much influence on me. Still and all, I do like to ponder and speculate and explore - inside mostly but sometimes with help from others.

Lawsee! How did I slide into this topic on a Knitting Blog! Oh. Yeah. New Beginnings. Well. I love ‘em. I always feel like each second of my life is a NB and for that matter, I think I’ll go off now and think about Beginning a New Dale of Norway Sweater!

Good knitting to you all.

posted by Bess | 11:24 AM