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I was confused for a second and thought you were typing while you were in the bathtub, and I was going to be mui impressed with you for multi-tasking and living dangerously all at the same time (electronics near water, and all that). Then I realized that no, you were typing and the washcloth was in the bathtub. Got it.

By Blogger Mary, at 11:59 AM  

I haven't been working on my real sweaters much lately either because I'm preoccupied with other baby gift items.

I'm excited to read your Day in My Life entry. It's going to be interesting to see how "normal" everyone's day is or isn't.

By Blogger erica, at 6:16 PM  

Can I just say how I love the way your fingers ramble across the keyboard, just so, so that your thoughts wend and wind till they reach the present moment, when dogs need attention or work must be done, or...? A day in your life will be quite a treat.

By Blogger Jane, at 6:44 AM  

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Friday, June 02, 2006  

It’s the silly, Catherine, that’s so irritating. I don’t mind something complex but gratuitous complexity to prove one’s skill at untangling is a little like winding a ball of mohair from a skein that you just toss on the floor - because you’re cool and have always been able to untangle yarn mess. Sheesh.

Anyway - my particular wireless ball is rolling down hill. There’s even a library technology forum I can sort of blog on about my experience - which suddenly tickles me. Imagine - another opportunity for me to talk too much. Won’t everyone love that!?

Especially since there’s a drawing going on - and the entries are posts on the forum and the prize is a free trip to the state library convention. I know. I’d go anyway - but if I were to win I could take a staff member with me - oh my - what a lovely idea.

The Weather Dot Com guys (note the dignity I give them when I like their forecasts.) say it will cool off a bit over the next 10 days. Of course tomorrow it’s supposed to be cool and rainy when I had planned to scrub the back porch. But I also worked out at the gym yesterday - waaaaay too soon - and now that bad ankle is hurting so, I ought to take it easy a few more days. And lawsee do we ever need the rain. If the wdc-guys are messin’ with my mind, and it doesn’t rain, I’ll have to water all the landscaping at the library - our construction budget did not run to sprinklers. My own garden has been abandoned till ... hmm... come to think of it - till the first good rain in June, when I plan to dig up all the smothered iris and replant them in fresh beds. Might be my June schedule is filling up with More Chores faster than I’d planned.

Happy for me I am off today. BD has a dr. apt. in Yorktown and I’m going along. Not that I am such a fan of Yorktown doctors, but after that we’re going to Richmond to see P - who is only going to be here for a few more days. I figure I can keep an ice pack for the ankle in a lunch bag and stay off it just as much as I would at home. I’ll take those purple Fixation socks with me. I am determined to Not Start Another Pair till they’re done. I wonder if I’d feel this way if they were wool socks instead of cotton. But off the needles these shall be, and as soon as possible.

Summertime always puts a halt to real knitting. What is real knitting you ask? Sweaters. Heaven knows why I consider everything else as big swatches, or experiments, or just getting ready for real knitting - but hats, mittens, socks, dishcloths, anything small enough to sit in my lap or fit into a pocket fails to satisfy my sense of pride that I knit real things. A shawl is big enough to be considered a real thing. But the probability that I would not wear a beautiful shawl, even if I knit one - except to flaunt it around my knitting friends - places that particular garment onto the fantasy, play, and fluff list. What about afghans or bedspreads? Well, I suspect that their prime qualities for becoming giant, expensive, unfinished objects, destined to become mouse or moth hotels, keep them off the reality list.

Whether any of the above is even true is not in question. I may wear a shawl. Socks are definitely real enough to get, not just worn, but worn out, in my family. Hats also get worn by me, at least, and in the bathtub as I type, is a lovely blue washcloth I knit 2 years ago. It’s my favorite washcloth. It’s only that sweaters are just about always my garment of choice. I almost never wear shirts or blouses of woven cloth because they are so hard to fit. If they close around the bust, the shoulders hang to my elbows and if the shoulders fit, the front won’t close. Once upon a time, when I not only sewed, but there was a fabric shop in town, I made all my blouses and shirts. We need not remember too vividly how much slimmer I was, but it's worth noting that even a Very Round Figure can be fit if it’s slender enough. As the body ripened into a full blown WW candidate, shirts and blouses became anachronisms. So most of the time I wear cotton turtle necks, T-shirts and sweaters.

So. Alll the talk about real knitting vs. dithering knitting has to do with how I feel. Sweaters are real because I wear them - indoors - all day - any day between October and April - not because other things are not real.

This nattering on about what feels real and what does not is good practice for next week’s Day In My Life event. It will be a Wednesday so of course a big chunk of the day will be kiddies - prep for, play with, recover from an hour wending down the fascinating tunnel that is the 3 year old’s mind. But we are also supposed to be doing school tours - it’s the last week of school ‘round cheer and usually we’ve got every spare moment booked for school tours. Alas - though we took the letters to the teachers last week to remind them to call and schedule their visits (they’re just across the parking lot from us) evidently the office staff hasn’t distributed the letters to the teacher’s mailboxes so nobody remembers that this is what they always do that last week of school. So far - one teacher is scheduled and that, only because I saw her yesterday afternoon and reminded her. She promised to see that the teachers get the letter today - she got her own copy and unless the school secretary threw the others away, there are plenty more already in the building.

I don’t plan to worry about it - I’ll go on over to the school and talk to each class if the teachers can’t get it together. Either way, all next week is likely to be sucked into the elementary school child vortex. And the weeks after. And then it will be August and then it will be September and then it will be my birthday month, so Wow! It’s almost my birthday!

Where is that smiley face icon.

I hear rumblings from upstairs - it’s so hot the dogs, who remember how wonderful it is to spend the winter on the Big Bed, still lounge up there, but mostly they don’t hop up. Think I’ll go investigate.

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