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Ahhhhh Queen Bess,
Only 4 more days before the regal unveiling of the new toy!!!! Will you be off the vow then??? - Must buy fiber to feed the toy!!!!

By Blogger Angel Girl, at 8:22 AM  

Chance of rain now down to 30% -- liking those odds even more! Yay! :-)

By Blogger Mary, at 1:39 PM  

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Wednesday, May 03, 2006  

Woo! Cold. Saturday the weather dot com guys say it’s supposed to top out at 66! Pack your warm sweaters, ye knitters, crocheters, felters, weavers and loved ones. Wool is going to seem like such a nice thing to buy this weekend!

Better than the cool woolish temperatures will be the damp but pollen free air - for last year the pollen was so bad I ended up exploding into a full fledged allergy attack, complete with squeezed shut eyes and leaden chest. I had to leave at noon on Sunday instead of staying for all the festivities and celebrations. I was a wreck. I don’t expect to be one this year.

I am verging on the totally useless today. I will work only till lunchtime tomorrow and then I'll slide down the street to the nail salon where S will make me feel like a princess. I adore going there because these are very solid down to earth women who love each other, love their men, know all the gossip and share generously but in a uniquely supportive and non-condemnatory way that makes it not gossip at all, but information you need so as to support, help and not wound the people around you. It’s frivolous - this tender grooming. If I ever have to cut back on luxuries, this is something I’d have to let go. But until some economic shift forces me down that path I will continue to indulge in this sweet dip into bedrock femininity.

I got 2 checks for travel reimbursement yesterday and that set my $ limit for MSW. I’d been wondering about that - wondering how much I can guiltlessly indulge, which, after balancing the checkbook and paying off VISA on Monday, then paying for the car repairs yesterday, was pretty much: $0.00. Those two forgotten checks made the decision an easy one. After all, forgotten money is not real money, right? Nobody remembered it, so it doesn’t have to go to pay off next month’s missive from the credit card guys.

There are two things that I would be proud of myself for having completed before I forget that there are such things as libraries and I am in charge of one. But as for the rest of the TTDbMSW list, obviously some things - like packing - will get done and some things may not. Here’s the status as of Wednesday morning:

Car repair (Monday)
Ick - go to meeting with school personnel - Yikes!never got there - see above
Pet licenses - Or Else
Set $pending limit for festival
Finish SRC brochure and get to printer
Finish Disaster Plan
Select and order DVD projector (shouldn’t be hard but is)
One storyhour
Get story and storyboard to Mama
Plan party dinner
Laundry (ubiquitous)
Grocery shop for abandoned husband - include film or disposable camera
Stash inventory (probably won’t get done)
Newspaper article to paper
Select June book club book
Manicure & pedicure (what’s a vacation without luxury?)
Go to Bank
Get car washed & gassed up (obviously, after going to bank)

I am sure there are other things that ought to be on that list but I make no promises about remembering them. And in a final fiberish bit of information from ThePalace, TheQueen cast on her second sock last night and got the ribbing done as well.

Life is good.

posted by Bess | 6:48 AM