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Sooooo pleased you upped the Harlot's book rating -- considering your initial take on the book! I'm reading her Knitting Rules right now. Less 'laugh-a-minute' and more knitting content -- with a light hand. I'm enjoying it!

Also found an Annie Dillard I want at "my" bookstore... I figure I should wait for my first paycheque to pounce on it, though!


By Blogger Margaret, at 8:41 AM  

Hey, weather-dot-com says the chance of showers on Saturday is just 40%. I like those odds! And the rain wasn't so bad at Sedalia -- I don't think it spoiled the event one bit for me.

Good for you, getting the manny-peddy. If you can't buy fiber, you have to pamper yourself somehow!

By Blogger Mary, at 10:56 AM  

So looking forward to this weekend I can hardly stand it. If things go the way they do in Illinois, if there is an 80% chance of rain it won't rain but a 5% chance it will. Let's pray for no rain! I'll do my little no rain dance.

See you and finally meet you soon.

By Blogger erica, at 12:14 PM  

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Tuesday, May 02, 2006  

The weather dot com guys are lightening up a bit for the weekend. Now it is only showers on Saturday - with a high of 81 and light showers on Friday the set-up. That’s not so bad. Of course, if we had to have showers, it would be better not to have them on Saturday since that is the traditional "busy" day at fiber (and other such) show weekends. But it’s the weather. For all we know nothing of the sort will happen. The rain may decide to do the Camelot thing and never fall till after sundown. Besides - this is the show for the diehards. Besides that, I’ll be there with friends, so I’m guaranteed to have fun.

Heh. And I finally looked at the weather for my little spot of the world and it’s supposed to rain on the 9th too - when I’m planning a little party for my fibery girlfriends. But they won’t care either. I will have chocolate.

The only fiberish thing I did yesterday was to find that other ball of purple Fixation so I can cast on the second sock. That will be done sometime today because I am determined to have something to show for a year of stash shopping. And speaking of stash shopping - since I can’t buy any yarn, fiber or fleece at MSW I’ve been wondering where I can pour money out of my pockets. And why am I even going, you might well ask, if I don’t plan to buy any Y,F, or F?
Ahh well - it’s fun to look. It’s also fun to watch good friends buy - even more when they buy in an extravaganza of frenzied shopping. I can paw through all their loot. And I can buy:
buttons & shawl pins
deep fat fried twinkies

Of course I have to stay within budget which might mean I don’t buy anything but the twinkies but that would be no bad thing. And of course I will be booth babe-ing it at the Spirit Trail Fiberworks booth, so be sure and stop by.

As for my TTD lists - I began the one for My New Endeavor but it’s all hen scratching on scrap paper at the moment and I believe I shall make it a sidebar item, rather than a post. Or maybe not. But for the pre-MSW TTD list - I am pleased to say Progress Was Made.

Do other library banking
Start TTD list for Other Important part of my life
Finish SRC brochure and get to printer
Pet licenses - Or Else (partially done - need 2 more rabies slips)
Car repair (Monday) (partially done - he got the car. I didn't get it back.)
Ick - go to meeting with school personnel
Select and order DVD projector (shouldn’t be hard but is)
Finish Disaster PlanOne storyhour
Get story and storyboard to Mama
Plan (& shop for) party dinner
Laundry (ubiquitous)
Stash inventory + set $pending limit for festival
Newspaper article to paper
Select June book club book
Manicure & pedicure (what’s a vacation without luxury?)

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