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Travelling mercies, Bess, and have a grand time!

Thinking of your exploits with CJ, a paraphrase of Cookie Monster's theme has been running through my mind..."P is for Puppy....PuppyPuppyPuppy starts with P!"


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Thursday, May 05, 2005  

One more day. Yup. Tomorrow. Tomorrow I get in my car and drive to Jen’s Mom’s house and then we’ll head up to that big fairgrounds in the nawth - only . . .

Not as pleasure seekers, but as booth owner ‘n booth babe. Yessiree - a sudden, late cancellation by someone and Spirit Trail Fiberworks was offered the space. So, in spite of just moving her family from a BIG house to a little RV just last Sunday, our intrepid Jen is going to hitch up the trailer and open up shop in the main building down by the fleece tables. Stop by and see us!

BD has promised me he won’t drive anywhere outside the county. The cardiologist is out of town but he knows that I am actually scared witless that something will happen to him while I am gone and he agreed to only drive around locally. Of course, then he said he thought he’d put the boat in the water and take it to the bluegrass festival at Menokin. I still have to work on that. Operating the boat truly does involve lifting more than 10 lbs. Please, all my dear friends, send up prayers to the wife goddess, that BD will be okay while I'm gone.

Today will be a crush of activity. My parents say they are coming down for lunch sometime. I have mixed feelings about them driving so far, even though I really would like to see them. But I have promised myself to let them live their own lives and not the life I think they ought to live. I also have to go grocery shopping and have the car cleaned (it’s filthy as in - even criminals wouldn’t steal that heap), call more medical providers and give them insurance info, pick out and pack clothes - oh yeah - and also do my job. But not much of my job. I got most of the SRC flyer finished yesterday. I’m just waiting on the word back from two entertainers who I hope to book for July. But the flyer doesn’t have to be ready for the printers till the end of May. I have time with that.

Beyond that - I haven’t a witty, clever, informative or interesting thing to say. Captain Jack is officially one of the Big Boys now. He gets to stay in the front yard at night and when we have to drive off. We still stop the car before that last bend in the lane, and make sure he’s not about to dash out in front of the wheels - but for the most part - he gets to be a front yard dog.

In fact - I’m off to play with him right now.

There will be one more post tomorrow, followed by silence. Be back on Monday.

posted by Bess | 6:19 AM