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Your archives and "Stuff" (technical term) seem farther to the right on my screen than normal - I suspect it's from the pictures of pioneer days that you posted a few days back. I imagine once those get popped into archives, everything will go back to normal? Maybe?

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Wednesday, June 02, 2004  

Weird - I can't see tagboard or my archives or anything on the right hand column when I view my blog at work. It may be the filter they're using while the schools run their standardized tests, but it's a strange thing to see half-a-blog. Glad to see it posts normally on other computers.

June is a crush month at the library. We have to make sure the 03-4 budget is spent, but not overspent, write the 04-5 budget and get it adopted, get all the publicity out on the summer reading programs for the kiddies, train the junior volunteers, and then brace ourselves for the onslaught, the final week of the month. That first week of SRC is always the busiest - except the last week - and we hop plenty enough throughout the intervening 6 weeks. This is the brain whirring time in a library that's in a quasi resort area.

Hmmm. Resort. That's an awfully fancy way of putting it. Vacation area? That might be better. The Richmond Times Dispatch calls it "The Rivah" and so do most of the folk 'round here, though with them, it's an accent thing, not a quotable. Just like Ray says "cone" for corn, most folk say thuh rivah - or even thuh ruhvuh. Really rather pretty pronunciations, when spoken with that thick baritone issuing from a darkly tanned farmer's throat. These folk are well educated, so you won't find bad grammar, just soft damp humid tidewater accents.

All that is left of the pink silk shawl is to wrap it beautifully. Last night I picked up the sad little bit of ribbing that was all I had left of the purple lace mohair sweater after I'd ripped out the entire body. I got in 2 rows of that before I fell asleep but the goal is to get in a minimum of 3 rows a day till it's done. This is such a light and airy thing I won't mind working on it no matter what the weather and when it's done I know I'll have a grand sense of completion to go along with the feeling of "not yet done with the list". It is #2 on my List-0-Projects which MustBeDone before I can buy anything new. The other two knitting things that ought to get finished in my MarchOfDetermination are the stained glass vest, which I look forward to, and the Sigvaldi, which I don't. Sigvaldi is so blooming big I wonder if I would ever wear it. But LD tried it on, and the arms are way too short - and I've cut the steeks, mind, so to lengthen them would mean cutting off the cuffs, knitting down and oh law it's stranded pattern work at the cuffs!! It just doesn't seem worth it. I'll finish the thing as is and hang it in the front hall with all the other coats and sweaters - ready to be worn by guests or something. I suppose I can imagine wearing it in the winter when we watch movies in the cold, cold den.

So - I can think about all that later - but for sure I shan't be knitting on a huge heavy wool sweater till the fall. Even though it is taking up an enormous amount of space in the wardrobe, it hangs there till cool weather.

Not much other exciting news. Just another day in the life of a knitting librarian.

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