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Friday, April 02, 2004  

At last I got that nap in. It is the most delicious thing to take a nap in the middle of the day. My MIL used to rhapsodize about them and of course, being young enough to be her granddaughter, I merely nodded with polite murmurs. Of course, I've always taken naps when I was ill, injured, had missed a lot of sleep - you know, all those logical times. But naps as a recreational activity are new to me. Perhaps one must pass the half century mark to begin to appreciate the full sensuality that is an Afternoon Nap.

It begins when you have some quiet time in the afternoon. Perhaps everyone is out doing bustling things. You slip up to your bedroom. Everything is neat and tidy, since you are home today anyway, and had the time to spiff up your room. The throw you got for your birthday, oh so long ago, is folded neatly at the foot of the bed. The bedside lamp is on, since, of course, it is raining outside. (You'd be working in the garden if it were sunny, right?) In your hand are the two latest issues of _____ Magazine, plus the _____ catalog with the sale stuff in it.

Since you are alone, you can steal the pillow wedge that belongs to TheOther, put your own good pillow on top of it, and lean back to peruse glossy eye candy. As your body cools in this still position, you pull up your birthday throw. After a while, even 50% off can't hold your attention and you take off your glasses to rest your eyes, then drop whatever is in your hand and, just for a moment, turn over on your side.

The next thing you know you're waking from a soft sleep. It's an hour later. The sun has rolled on towards its western gate. You linger in that gentle place, not exactly weightless, but utterly comfortable. No aches. No guilt. You didn't skip out on previous responsibilities. You have plenty of time to fulfill coming ones. You know you'll be able to stay up past 9 o'clock tonight without cracking your mandibular joint with grand canyon yawns.

After a bit you'll move, then sit up, then comes what you have been waiting for. That surge of energy - you are refreshed! You are ready. It's time to Get Going and you feel great!

That's recreational napping.

As for the rest of the day - I at last cast on the hat I'm making for the Maryland Sheep&Wool competition. Of course, now that I've posted this I'll probably never get the darn thing done. I fear telling the world I'm going to do something rather dooms it, than spurs me to completion. But I intend to enter a hat in the handspun competition. It's stranded colorwork, of my own design, made of two kinds of merino and an angora bunny yarn. The bunnyarn turns into fur within about 20 minutes of knitting it up. I've used commercial angora and it's got a lovely furry haze, but this stuff is pure fur. It doesn't look knitted. I tried to spin it tight and thin, to keep the fur effect to a minimum, but to no avail - and I am glad really. I love this furry effect. I just have to keep the images fairly far apart to give them distinction.

And for some reason I am messing up the count something fierce! I've ripped back once and last night as I knitted the set-up row of the little bunnies, I found I was off count again!! Yikes. I'm not sure where I added 3 stitches in plain knitting, but I'm going to have to rip back a long way. The foundation of the hat is Hershey's chocolate brown, knit at 6 stitches to the inch, so I need good light and a fresh head to work on it. But, it is, after all, only a hat. It is just not that big a project.

I am spinning up some loopy boucle too, with mohair locks I bought last fall. This yarn will be cuffs for a hat and gloves, but I am not sure what their bodies will be knit from - I could handspin something, hand dye and hand spin something or use a commercial yarn. That can be decided later - when the yarn is finished. Spinning boucle is a big time commitment but it creates such gorgeous yarn. Eventually I shall make myself a jacket out of my own handspun boucle, but for now I'll stick with the smaller projects.

And today I will meet the Alice Starmore yarns in person. Mmmm. They, too, are intended for a hat in stranded colorwork. I ordered only one skein each of 4 colors. I will gladly introduce them to you tomorrow. As for the rest of the vacation - there is absolutely nothing in the larder and the rugs are disgusting after a winter of mud, wood stove ash, and pets. I will go to town this morning and stock up on food and rent the rug doctor. Hard work today will free me up for a weekend of utter fiber luxury. Can?t you just see the smile on my face?

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