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Tuesday, March 02, 2004  

Well. Not getting much done this morning. The internet is excruciatingly slow. I am feeling the delightful effects of a warm morning - the front door is wide open as I type - and I can hear springtime birds serenading - nay tempting me to wander outdoors.

For two days now I’ve had long deep uninterrupted sleep - something I had long since stopped hopping for as I wend my way through the pause that men don’t make. 51 is a grand age, but the body is as wacked out during that period as it was at 15. Insomnia is just one of the symptoms you have to find a place for in your routine, but now and then, the parts of the body that are not hormone driven rebel and insist upon S L E E P. It’s cut into my morning Internet time and since Lent has vastly curtailed my goof-off time, I’ve become far less informed about that world out there on the phone lines.

So - no wise droplets of value today - just the brief report that the second sock is done! and both the little god-daughters said “yes we want scarves” and Jen can send me the silk.

Today is Dr. Seuss’s 100th birthday. I shall be reading to the 8th grade this afternoon (yee gads - what does one read to 13-year olds? - ahh yes - what about Mutiny on the Bounty? The Hobbit? The car chase scene from Madam Will You Talk?) In the evening there will be a party at the library, sponsored by the Jr. Womens Club - but I need to be there since it’s being held in the main library, not the meeting room. Chaos is okay - but monitored chaos, please. This means I shan’t make it to WW tonight - though it is Tuesday. Probably not too bad, either, since I believe I’ve gained beyond the wiggle room allowed. I can either skip this whole week or go on Saturday. The good news on the body front is that 2 months with TthePT has firmed up some things to the point where I fit some tight clothes hanging in the closet.

So, there it is. Give some. Get some. How about Get Going.

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