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Tuesday, February 03, 2004  

Oh. Well. I am getting telepathic messages from my Peacock Blue Brown Sheep wool’n’Mohair yarn. I’ve been swatching with it - this is the second swatch I’ve done with it, in fact. And I’ve struggled with what to make of this yarn (that I bought 2 years ago, fer cryin’ out loud!) and I suddenly know! It’s very insistent. Huh. Who would have believed?

Okay, okay. If you have Nicky Epstein’s book Knitted Embellishments, you can see what this yarn wants to be on page 101 . The cropped sweater with twisted stitch baby cables around the bottom that slowly grow longer to a point in the center front, with matching pyramid shape on the sleeves. In all the swatching I did last night, this was the only stitch that looked right. I’ll just quickly switch my swatch over to st. st. to get the gauge and I’ll be ready to calculate the numbers for the sweater. WHEW!

For some reason I want this yarn knit up. I want it out of the stash bins. Maybe because it’s a risky color for me - maybe because there is so much of it. I have just as much in a lovely deep mossy green blue faced leicester that is intended to become an aran sweater - but somehow I don’t mind that yarn lounging around in the bins. Weird. But that is a perfect color for me - so it relaxes my eyes just to look at it. Anyway, I’ll feel a lot freer if I can get this pretty blue yarn knit up.

I’m getting yarn lust, too - memory yarn lust - for that bright colored Aussie wool I saw up at the Needle Lady. I am thinking of calling her up and asking her to send me a ball in every color. I've also been perusing my old knitting magazines and in the October 2003 Knit ‘N Style (on page 33) is a sweater that really floats my boat - It’s designed by Diane Zangl and is called Shetland Shortie. This is the first fair isle sweater I’ve ever wanted to actually knit. I believe it’s the deep V neckline that does it for me. I’m sort of broad across the top and all those busy designs going from one arm to the next, in the usual fair isle style, makes me think of TheIncredibleHulktress, or perhaps a refrigerator with OXO stripes. Anyway - I see this sweater as a real possibility -oh oh oh !!! yes! in the other Brown Sheep hand paint original with the solid green as the only contrast - oh yes yes! This will work! Hey! Nothing like stream of consciousness daydreaming to pull out deeply rooted hungers. Man, this is so cool!

Okay - better just stop here. (hint: means I have a little more to say)

Got to the gym at last - well, I had an appointment with TthePT. Aerobic warm-up was nice but the minute I started pressing those weights I could feel tension, anger, and general pissed-offedness gush out of me. What a fool I was to skip the gym last week. Even if I was busy and even if it was so flippin’ cold the thought of undressing and changing into anything besides flannel pj’s was mind-and-body numbing.


You fool. Nothing is going to make you feel better than working out. Not even chocolate.

Okay - off to swatch.

posted by Bess | 7:08 AM