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Monday, November 03, 2003  

Okay, guys. I’m BUSY, as in; I’ve got 4 days to get everything done for the KRRetreat, so my posts will be scanty at best. But I do have a triumph to report. I found a substitute leader for the book discussion group - whew! And what a substitute. R is handsome, youthful, urbane, witty, vastly better read than I, with a fund of inside tales from his years as music critic for the Washington Post, and he’s going to own those women in the book club. He called yesterday with his offer and after I had reconstituted myself from the puddle into which I’d melted, he asked me what the book was about. Eeek. A cardinal rule of mine is to never tell before you read. It’s way too easy to rob someone of a precious insight, or at the very least, limit his scope, if you talk about a book beforehand. That’s why I so adore book groups - because when you talk about it afterwards you get such a rich ragout of thought and insight - I sometimes even re-read a book after a talk.

Anyway - I complimented the wordsmith and hemmed and hawed about the greed for guilt Americans-are-wicked-evil-sinners-but-look-how-wise-and-good-I-am-for-saying-so philosophy. I can’t wait to hear what R does with this.

So - I can go to the retreat, spend more money than I should, share my passion for playing with color, touch everybody’s stuff and eat beyond my wildest dreams, and know that on Monday I shan’t have to shift gears like a Le Mans contender screeching through some medieval town. And Tuesday is a day off.

Man - I haven’t looked forward to something in so long I’d forgotten the extreme pleasure of anticipation.

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